Version 4.2.0

What's New
  • (FIXED) Typo on System Options screen
  • (ADDED) Customer email, phone, and mobile phone to selectable fields in CSV/Excel Report Generator

Older Updates


  • (FIXED) System option "show account id in In-Service list" not saving
  • (FIXED) Incorrect appointment end-time in Outlook
  • (CHANGED) Grouped System Options options by category
  • (CHANGED) Wait column "Employee Requested" to "Waiting For"
  • (ADDED) System option to priortize waiting list by Schedule Time before check-in time
  • (ADDED) Column to waiting list to show Scheduled (appointment) time. Activated with prioritization by scheduled time option.
  • (ADDED) Customer email and phone fields to the check-in information screen
  • (ADDED) Icon to service description in waiting list to indicate if a comment was created during check-in. Hovering the cursor over the icon will display the comments.
  • (ADDED) View button to Appointments page to view summary of a confirmed appointment
  • (ADDED) Confirmation Code to confirmed list on the Appointments page
  • (ADDED) Source field to appointment summary view that indicates if it was created by a user or through LC Appointments
  • (ADDED) Kiosk Profile option to limit the last name field to one character


  • *FIXED* Issue with clock showing 30 minutes behind for the India Standard Time
  • *CHANGED* The 30-day subscription expiration warning message to avoid confusion with users thinking their user account is expiring


  • *UPDATED* Billing page


  • Fixed error that prevented user from receiving automatic queue updates if user's first or last name contained an apostrophe.
  • i.e. O'Conner
  • Fixed issue with chat users running off screen instead of scrolling
  • Fixed issue with chat conversation list not scrolling


  • Added user permission to allow access to Customer Merge. By default, users will no longer have access to Customer Merge.
  • Administrators have explicit access to Merge and unselecting this option will have no effect.
  • Added user permission to allow non-supervisor and non-admin users to edit pending service requests. This option is not granted
  • by default
  • Removed Edit icon from pending list if user does not have permission to edit a request


  • Fixed error when trying to cancel editing a service description with no active queues
  • Fixed Delete button not working when trying to delete a pending request


  • Fixed error when signing in a Visitor and not selecting a Requested Employee
  • Fixed error when going directly to the Visitor Center without being signed in
  • Fixed Customer custom field data not appearing in CSV report
  • Fixed Appointment tab not auto-refreshing on Home page after a current day appointment is created or updated
  • Added Select All action button to Customer Merge


  • Fixed issue with service description sporadically disappering from the wait list


  • Improved queue loading when a new request is received. List will only reload if the user is subscribed to the target queue ID
  • Fixed issue with Excel Report Generator creating duplicate report files


  • Fixed language setttings not saving if you press the Enter key versus clicking Save Changes
  • Fixed flashing Messenger button if LobbyCentral Messenger is turned off
  • Fixed problem with editing an appointment if account is not using Exchange server


  • Fixed error when editing an appointment scheduled for a location that the user is not logged into
  • Fixed error on customer management page if a pending request was left in an edit state
  • Fixed admin levels not receiving check-in notifications if "notify after count" feature is enabled
  • Fixed native kiosk not checking "notify after count" rule
  • Fixed native kiosk so it does not send a notification to all queue members if a requested user is selected
  • Fixed native kiosk to use HTML formatted notification emails
  • Fixed non-admin users with Report access not being able to access the Excel Report Writer
  • Fixed issue with user password reseting if administrator made a change to user record and clicked Save twice.
  • Fixed issue with Excel Report Generator job failing if a custom field name begins with a number
  • Fixed error when updating an appointment saved to Outlook
  • Fixed top right navigation menu staying fixed at the top of the screen when scrolling
  • Fixed billing CVC code to allow 4 digits for American Express cards
  • Added Exchange Server integration to allow LC to directly create and manage appointments and check user availability (Requires
  • plan upgrade to Premium)
  • Web kiosk settings are now stored in a Profile which can be selected from the kiosk login screen
  • Replaced chat system with Messenger
  • When creating a visitor, the first employee is no longer selected by default. Applies to Visitor Management Mode.
  • Added option to Visitor Management Mode to filter list to only show queues assigned to the user
  • Updated billing framework
  • Added badge inventory for Visitor
  • Username and email are now validated to prevent duplicate user accounts
  • The term "Special Services" / "Service Tags" has been changed to "Service Needs"
  • Added kiosk language option to customize "Appointment Not Found" message