How it Works

LobbyCentral is an incredibly easy to use system for customers AND employees

Checking In

Customers check in at a kiosk or with a receptionist, providing their name and visit reason.   Additional information can be captured at check-in by creating custom fields.  

Once the customer has checked-in, LobbyCentral captures date and time in and sends a notification to all users.

Managing Waiting Customers

Users can view and select customers from the queue management page.  The list displays customers in order of arrival and automatically updates itself when a customer checks in or a user takes a customer from the queue. 

When a customer is selected from the list, LobbyCentral will capture the time the customer was taken by the user.


When the customer's service has been completed, the user clicks the check-out button to capture the time the customer left as well as closing comments.

Viewing Captured Data

LobbyCentral captures important details about the customer visit, including time in, time seen, time left, name, location, visit reason, opening and closing comments, and the user that assisted the customer.  

Using the report manager, this information can be gathered for any date range to be saved into a PDF or printed.  

The export feature can be used to transfer data out of LobbyCentral and into other reporting systems for customized analysis.

Other Features

LobbyCentral is packed with many other features including:
  • Can be used in multiple locations and departments (with appropriate subscription or licensing)
  • Visitor Center for non-customer check-in management and badge printing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online appointment scheduling (add-on service)
  • Custom fields
  • Integrated chat
  • Apply custom wallpaper to kiosk
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